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Day Camp

Pick-Up and Drop Off

We will begin snack time and activities in the cafeteria at 1:45pm. You may drop your student off in the cafeteria no earlier than 1:45; there will be no supervision before that. Attendance will be taken at this time. Students who attend summer school will be lining up on the black top after summer school and will go into the cafeteria by 1:45.

Students must be picked up and signed out in the cafeteria from 5:00-5:30pm. All students must be picked up no later than 5:30. More than 3 late pick ups will result in dropping the  student from Day Camp. Students will not be released to those not listed on the registration form or those that are under the age of 16.



Snacks will NOT be provided during Summer Day Camp. You may send your student with snacks and juice/water if you wish. It will be very hot and students can become dehydrated. Please send a water bottle with your student daily. We are attempting to set a good example for our students with that in mind we are requesting that you send you r student with nutritious snacks and juices only. Please no candy or soda. No red or dark colored juices or snacks that will melt such as chocolate or ice cream.


Behavior Policy

The rules and agreements are the same in Day Camp as in the After School Program. (Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe, Have Fun!!) Students who choose not to honor these agreements will be removed from Day Camp immediately. There will no NO tolerance for misbehavior in Day Camp. Another student will be added from our waitlist to fill the open spot. This is a very special time of the year and we would like it to be safe and fun experience for everyone.


We will be going on the following field trips this summer.

Date Who Where Hours
July 5th All Lakeside Pool 1:45-5:15
July 7th All Reading Cinemas 1:45-5:15

Important information regarding field trips

  • Day camp fees help support our Day Camp program with bussing fees and trip admissions. We really appreciate your support to make these trips possible. Please submit payment along with the submission of your application.
  • On field trip days Sign-out might begin late due to transportation from the location to the school site. Please be prepared and make alternate arrangements if necessary.
  • No one will be on campus on the days of the field trip, we ask that you wait until we return to site to pick them up. We prefer that you do not pick up your student at the location of the field trip.
  • Students may bring money with them to purchase food items on the field trips, however, we will not be holding any money for any students and we will not be responsible for any lost/stolen money. Please send no more that $10 per student.