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Welcome to 1st Grade


Dear Parents,


This year will be an exciting year of academic growth for your child. I have taught first grade for many years and I really enjoy working with this age group. It is a time of great growth. Your child will learn many things with a focus on reading and writing in all academic areas. The Common Core State Standards are used as the guide for the curriculum. First grade is an important year in building a good foundation for your child’s education. This takes work on my part, your part, and your child’s part. If we all work together I am sure your child will experience a successful year! Remember attendance is very important; every day your child misses school they miss out on learning.



  • Practice Self Control
  • Achieve Goals
  • Will Be Respectful
  • Stay on Task
  •      My focus on discipline in the classroom is positive. I use positive statements to encourage appropriate behaviors.
  •     I award group points and every group has the opportunity to earn a prize each week by earning 20 points. A marble jar is also used to earn activities.
  •     The group with the most points gets to pick a second prize. 


    If a student is having difficulty in the class I remind them of the

    expected behavior.


Consequences for disruptive or unsafe behaviors are;

  1. Verbal Warning/Time-out
  2. Loss of Recess/Responsibility Center (lunch recess)
  3. Referral and Parent Contact


Homework goes home on Mondays and it is to be turned in on Fridays


You may reach me at or 837-6100.



Mrs. Amos