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Mrs. Copus » Welcome to 5th Grade

Welcome to 5th Grade

Mrs. Copus

5th Grade/Room


As a teacher, I am dedicated to your student and their learning.  I spend a tremendous amount of time with your child and develop meaningful relationships with them.  I truly care about their success.  Our class time is very precious so we will devote every minute of it to building your student’s knowledge.


As a student, your child needs to come to school well rested, fed, and ready to learn every day.  Our day is filled with demanding activities and your student needs to be at their best every day.


As a parent, you need to make sure your child is ready for school every morning.  Ready means: fully rested, fed, and on time for school.  It is important that your child eat breakfast since 5th graders do not eat lunch until 12:40.  It is also important that you provide a quiet place for your child to complete homework.  Perhaps your most important job is to support and encourage your child’s education.  


Attendance is a very important element in a child’s learning and making sure that they are at school on time everyday is a priority.  Missing school days and/or being late create problems.  Our work starts the minute the students sit down in their seats and goes right up to the end of the day.  Students who miss class time miss learning and foundations for future learning.  Please schedule doctor’s appointments for after school.  Of course, if your child is ill, please keep him/her at home until he/she is ready to return.  Call the office to clear all absences.    



Another important element of learning is the classroom environment.  In order for everyone to learn, the learner must be able to focus and feel comfortable.  Therefore, we have high expectations for behavior at Palla Elementary School.  No one has the right to distract your student from learning. For this reason, we have some basic behavior guidelines:

  • All students are to be respectful to each other and all adults on campus
  • Students are expected to be ready to learn.  Being ready to learn means being quiet, focused, and attentive.
  • Talking is limited to class participation by raising a hand for permission to talk, or when permitted when group conversation is necessary.
  • Students are always expected to keep their hands and objects to themselves.


The proper attitude and behavior make all the difference. Students who follow the rules of the school and the rules of the classroom will receive classroom incentives and good grades. I use a variety of positive reinforcement techniques to encourage proper behavior.


Palla Elementary students and staff implement a school-wide positive behavior plan known as “PAWS”. Students and classes who are found displaying (and can recite) behavior goals will be rewarded with special incentives. Staff members will be looking for positive student behavior at recess, during class, at lunch, in the office, in the hallways, in the library and the computer lab.

Students who misbehave will spend time in the Responsibility Center.

Practice self-control   Achieve goals   Will be respectful   Stay on task



Your student will be assigned math and reading homework on a daily basis.  Assignments will be announced and written on the board.  I will provide your student with a homework log and folder.  Your student will be required to write down all assignments on their homework log.  Math homework and some written work will come from workbooks we keep in class.  If your student uses their homework log, these pages will be easy to keep track of. 


Homework is checked in detail during class.  Homework is practiced and is checked for accuracy and effort.  This work is an opportunity to practice newly taught concepts and a great chance to find mistakes.  It is very important that students do their homework.  Math builds daily on the previous day’s lesson.  If your student doesn’t complete their math homework, they are often lost by Thursday because the concepts are complicated and build on each other.


Should a student come to school unprepared, they will be required to do their work during recess and/or during lunch detention.  Your child is responsible to complete each assignment in its entirety (no blanks) and to turn it in when it is due. I require students to show their work in math.


Please sign the attached parent signature and return as soon as possible. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by note, by email at , or by calling the school at 661-837-6100. 


Thank you,

Mrs. Copus