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Gonzales’ Geckos 2017-2018



Gonzales’ Geckos 

Dear Parents,


My name is Jessica Gonzales and I will be your child’s 5th grade teacher. I am happy to welcome your child to my classroom for this school year. In an effort to improve communication between school and home, please take a moment to read, sign, and return the bottom portion of this letter.


As a teacher, I am dedicated to your student and their learning.  I truly care about their success.  Our class time is very precious so we will devote every minute of it to building your student’s knowledge.


Attendance is a very important element in a child’s learning and making sure that they are at school on time every day is a priority.  Our work starts the minute the students sit down in their seats and goes right up to the end of the day.  Students who miss class time miss learning and foundations for future learning.  Please schedule doctor’s appointments for after school.  Of course, if your child is ill, please keep him/her at home until he/she is ready to return.  Call the office to clear all absences.    



The proper attitude and behavior makes all the difference. Students who follow the rules of the school and the rules of the classroom will receive classroom incentives and school incentives, as well. When you are following rules, you are on task and working which makes learning easier.


Palla Elementary students and staff implement a school-wide positive behavior plan known as “PAWS”. Students and classes who are found displaying (and can recite) behavior goals with be rewarded with special incentives. Staff members will be looking for positive student behavior at recess, during class, at lunch, in the office, in the hallways, in the library and the computer lab.

Practice self-control    Achieve goals    Will be respectful    Stay on task


  • Reading: An expectation of Greenfield Union School District is that each student will spend time reading outside of the classroom. To meet this expectation, students will be required to read 30 minutes each night. It is a daily requirement. They will have a reading log that will be send home at a later time to help track their daily reading.
  • Math: Proficiency in knowing multiplication and division facts is essential to progressing in 5th  grade math. Please practice multiplication and division facts at least 10-15 minutes daily with your student.
  • Unfinished Class Work: your child may also bring home some unfinished class work that will be due the next day. The assignments should take less than half an hour to complete.
  • Students will have math homework and Reading log daily but all other subjects will vary. Check planner daily for homework assignments.


Late work

Learning to be responsible for work, using time wisely, and completing assignments on time are important components of the learning process. I strive to give clear explanations when giving assignments, allowing time for questions from students. Students are also reminded about their assignments prior to dismissal each day. Late work will NOT be accepted after it is more than 2 weeks past the assignment.


If your child is absent, it is your student’s responsibility to make-up the missed work. In the case of an excused absence, the student will be given one day for makeup work for each day absent. If you plan to take a trip out of town, please let me know at least a week in advance so that a packet of school work can be prepared for your child.


Classroom Rules (PAWS)

  • Practice self-control
  • Achieve goals
  • Will be respectful and responsible
  • Stay on task 

Class Dojo

To help with communication and daily observation of choices in the classroom, you will have access to Class Dojo. Class Dojo is a point system that track positive and negative points. Students earn points for different reasons, but may lose points for poor choices, as well. They are earning points to cash in for rewards because smart choices are rewarded. Class Dojo is also a way for instant teacher-parent-student communication. You can message me and check our class story for classroom updates.


Communication between Teacher and Parent

It is very important to me that if you have any questions or concerns I will do my best to answer them. You can call the school at 837-6100 or email me at  Also message me instantly through Class Dojo.

  • Every day your student will bring a planner home that outlines the homework/Quiz/Assignment/Test for the day or week/school events etc. The planner needs to be signed and returned daily. You may write down any comments or concerns there, as well.
  • Weekly progress reports are sent home each Friday and due back Monday. Students will miss recess until returned. There is no guessing when it comes to grades because the report goes home weekly.
  • If you need to talk to me please schedule an appointment with the front office and not during instruction time. Every minute counts in this class.
  • I use class dojo, which is a great incentive program for positive behavior but also tracks the needs work (negative) behaviors. You will receive a login code for your student and you as a parent, where you can see every day your child’s behavior. I will also use it to send out classroom announcements occasionally. More information to come about Class dojo at Back to School night!


Finally, your child’s academic success depends on my teaching skills, their hard work, and your cooperation and support. You are a very important part of your child’s education. Please work with your student daily. Listen to them read and ask comprehension questions (who, what, why, when, where, etc.) Practice multiplication math facts with them every night. Know what your child is responsible for learning in class each day. Together, we can succeed in offering your student a promising future. Here at Palla we aim for all students to be “LEARNERS”

                                                                   Learn from mistakes

                                                                   Evaluate work based on success criteria

                                                                   Ask questions and accept challenges

                                                                   Receive and respond to feedback

                                                                   Never give up

                                                                   Effort matters

                                                                   Reach goals

                                                                   State what I am learning


I look forward to a great year and thank you in advance for your support and cooperation. Should you have any questions, please contact me at 837-6100 or email or Class Dojo.



Ms. Gonzales

--Please fill out the next page and return-


Signature Page

Please sign all areas on this page and return as soon as possible.


Homework Policy

I have read the homework policy, and I understand that I am responsible for turning all assigned work in on time.  If I chose not to turn in my homework, I know that I may have to serve a detention or complete work during recess time.


Student Signature: _____________________________ 

Parent Signature: ______________________________ 

Behavior Expectations

I have read and understand the expectations for behavior while at school.  I understand that misbehaving will have consequences which are outlined on the Behavior Tree Map.


Student Signature: _____________________________ 

Parent Signature: ______________________________ 

PG Movies

As a class, we will have the opportunity to watch movies throughout the school year.  One of our class rewards results in a movie type party.  Movies are usually the follow up to a story that I have read to the class during our read aloud time.  Please advise that your student has permission to view a PG movie in our class. 


_____ Yes, my student has permission to watch PG movies at school.


_____ No, my student does not have permission to watch PG movies at school.


Parent Signature: ______________________________ 


Parent/Teacher communication


Parent email: ________________________________________________________________________

Phone number: ______________________________  Alternative number: ___________________________

Anything important I need to know about your students: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________