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Ms. Mena » Welcome to Room 33

Welcome to Room 33




Dear Parents,                  


     I am pleased to have your child in my class at Palla, and I am looking forward to an exciting year. It is my desire to provide the best possible education for your child. In order to achieve this, I will be emphasizing the importance of academics and personal responsibility, as well as seeking to provide a positive and enjoyable learning environment in my classroom.

     I would like to take this opportunity to share with you my approach to teaching. I feel that it is in the best interest of your child that there exist effective teacher-parent communications. I feel you have a right to know how your child is doing at school, as well as what your child is learning. It is my responsibility to inform you about the progress or lack of progress of your child. In order to provide all of my students with the excellent educational environment they deserve, we will be observing the following rules.

Students must:


  1.             Follow directions.                                                                                    
  2.             Listen when others are speaking.
  3.             Work quietly.
  4.             Return things on time (homework, and signed conduct papers.)
  5.             Follow school rules (classroom, playground, assemblies, cafeteria and field trips).


I will be using a color chart as a part of the classroom discipline policy. Each day every child begins on the color purple.  If a student chooses to break a rule, he/she must change his/her color. There will be a conduct paper sent home to be signed by a parent. This paper is due back the next day, and the student will be back on purple.















Needs Improvement

Loss of a Recess



    Immediate Parent Contact   

     and loss of  all privileges.




            I will be calling and sending notes home when a problem persists and a parent/teacher conference will be required. Please help me by showing your support for appropriate classroom behavior. If your child believes you and I are in agreement, he or she will be more successful in exhibiting acceptable behavior.


                                                   Thank you!


                                                   Ms. Mena