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Mr. Navarro » Welcome to 4th Grade

Welcome to 4th Grade




Dear Parents,              


Welcome to Room 46, 4th Grade!  J  My name is Alex Navarro, and I will be your child’s teacher.  I am looking forward to getting to know you and your child this school year. 

  1. Homework: In 4th grade students take home homework Monday through

Thursday.  It is to be completed and turned in on a daily basis.  I check it first thing, every morning.  (Incomplete homework will be completed during recess time). 

  1. Homework Sheet: On Monday students will take home a homework sheet which shows homework for the week and special events happening that week.  This sheet needs to be signed every Monday so that I know you are aware of the homework and any special events going on that week.  Then initial each day after you have check to make sure your child’s homework is complete.
  1. Reading Contract/Log: In 4th grade students are expected to read at least 30

minutes every night.  You will find a reading log on the back of your child’s Language Review Sheet.  Your child is to fill it out nightly.  Please help them record the title of the book, the author, and have them write a complete sentence summarizing the book.  (Writing needs to be nice and neat) Note:  After your child reads a book, please take time to ask them questions about the book to help with reading comprehension. J

  1. Behavior Contract: Students will keep a monthly behavior/homework

calendar.  This is a behavior contract that keeps track of student behavior and whether or not homework is completed.  In class students receive a color for behavior everyday.  (The back of the behavior contract has a list of our classroom rules, colors students may receive for behavior, and consequences/rewards). Also, each day I will note whether your child completed all, half, or none of the homework on this behavior contract.  Each day, this calendar has a spot in which you must sign; showing me that you are aware of your child’s behavior and homework completion.  Due to the fact that this is a very important document, it is very important that students do not lose it.


With your help and support, together we can insure your child has a year of

growth and success.


Thank you for your support, J

Mr. Navarro

(661) 837 - 6100