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Mrs. Regier » Welcome to 4th Grade

Welcome to 4th Grade

Dear Families,


I am looking forward to an exciting year with your 4th grader!  This is my third year at Palla School.  I have 21 years of teaching experience in grades K-6.  Palla is an amazing school with terrific students, parents, teachers, and support staff in a positive school environment.


Behavior Expectations


In our classroom, every student must show respect to other students, teachers, guest teachers, support staff, school property, the classroom, and its materials. Students are expected to demonstrate responsibility by taking care of items in the classroom, returning homework on time each week, and completing class work in a timely manner.  To insure the safety of our environment, students are encouraged to clean up after themselves, walk quietly and calmly, and refrain from being physical to one another.  All Palla PAWS rules apply in our classroom.


I use a great amount of positive reinforcement when students are following school and classroom expectations, policies, and procedures.  When expectations are being met or exceeded, I reward students with Palla Paws, which are used to earn prizes and special activities.  I also reward on-task behaviors through verbal praise, and sometimes a prize from my prize box!


At times, using positive incentives and/or redirection does not help students behave in appropriate ways in and out of the classroom, so I also use a “Behavior Chart” in my class.  I use a green, yellow, and red card chart. Each day your child starts on a green card.  After a warning for choosing to act inappropriately, students will need to “flip” their green card to show their yellow card.  A yellow card simply means “warning.” If your child continues using poor behavior, he/she will need to “flip” their yellow card to red. A red card means “stop.” In the event your child does flip his/her card to red, he/she will need to personally call you from the classroom telephone and explain the types of behavior choices he/she made.  They will also be referred to the office where he/she will discuss his/her behavior choices with our behavior specialists and/or our school administrators.  If your child continues to make behavior choices leading them to consistently “flip” his/her card to red, then I will contact you to schedule a parent/teacher conference.  

Materials Not Permitted at School or Class


As per school policy, toys and sports equipment are not permitted at school.  In my classroom, mechanical pencils are not permitted. Mechanical pencils become a “time waster” and distraction in the classroom. I will always provide plenty of regular pencils for your child to use. Special pencil boxes are not permitted to stay at school, in your child’s desk or in the classroom. Student desks are not large enough for such large items. Your child may bring a box of special crayons and pencils, but he/she must take the pencil box home each afternoon.