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Mr. Stuteville » Welcome to 4th Grade

Welcome to 4th Grade

Welcome Back!


I would like to welcome you to the 2018-2019 school year. My name is Mr. Stuteville and I will be your child’s teacher for this year. Here are a few key points for parents and students inside my classroom:


- Be respectful towards the teacher, classmates, and school property.

- Raise your hand to ask and answer questions and to leave your seat.

- Always try your best even if the work is difficult.


- All students will have 3 strikes (warnings) policy depending on the degree of the situation for not following classroom rules. Consequences may include loss of recess, student being sent to RC, loss of lunch recess, or phone call home.

- Many rewards and prizes can be attained by being respectful, cooperative, safe, and trying your best. Using Class Dojo and earning Dojo Points students can earn prizes such as pencils, notebooks, activity books, no homework passes, extra computer time, lunch with the teacher and more!

CLASS DOJO – Each student will be sent home with a letter offering the opportunity for the parent and student to sign up for a free account on Class Dojo. As a parent you will be able to see how your child is doing on a day to day basis and see how many points your child has earned, and how he/she has earned them. You will also be able to contact me privately through email or instant messaging on your computer or cell phone. The easiest way to contact me at any time is through Class Dojo, so please sign up.

You may also come by and see me before or after school or call me directly through the school number.

I’m looking forward to seeing all parents at back to school night with even more information and I’m excited on having the opportunity to teach your child for this school year.


Mr. Stuteville Rm. 47

Helping Out

As most of you know our school supplies do not always last throughout the year. I have tried my best to supply your child with all of the classroom school supplies that he/she will need. However, there are a few items that we will always need more of. You are not required to purchase these items, but it would be greatly appreciated if the following could be donated throughout the school year:

- A pencil box would be greatly appreciated for your student to help keep them organized.

- Dry erase markers for student whiteboards (EXPO brand is best)

- White board erasers (or even have your child bring a small rag or sock for his/her white board).

- Water bottles. There is water in the classroom for the students, but if each student has their own water bottle it would make filling up and saving time a lot easier. (Remember, water only in the classroom).

- Tissues, Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer.



Your child will have homework almost every night depending on what is accomplished in class. Homework will usually consist of the following on a daily basis:

- 1 math worksheet page

- 1 daily grammar and/or vocabulary page

- 20 – 30 minutes of reading