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 This is definitely going to be an exciting year!  Your student will be using computer programs that support their learning all across the curriculum, not just connected to our language arts series. Most of these programs they will be able to use at home through our school website. Students will be using Google Classroom, Documents, as well as google Slides. This year will be your student’s first experience with SBAC testing. From the beginning of the year you should expect and promote growth in maturity. Help support your student by expecting him/her to be responsible.

Let’s talk about communication and discipline. There are several effective ways to reach me. You can send a note with your child, or send me an email, Another way to contact me will be through CLASSROOM DOJO. You will receive a code specific to your child that will provide instructions on how to download the app. Contacting me through the app is as easy as texting.  Dojo is very important to our team and class. The Dojo app will keep you informed AND along with our school wide PAWS expectations it is a major part of my classroom behavior management. I have attached more specific information about Dojo. These are the basic school wide “PAWS”:

Students must follow PAWS Expectations:

P: Practice Self Control

A: Achieve Goals

W: Willing to Do My Best

S:  Stay on Task

If your child receives a playground ticket for inappropriate behavior, I will review the ticket and evaluate the situation.  I will be calling and/or sending notes home if a problem persists. A  parent/teacher conference may be required.  Please help me by supporting appropriate classroom behavior of your child.  As an incentive, students maintaining exceptional citizenship will be rewarded through Class Dojo. Please see the attached info.

BACK TO SCHOOL night is coming up! Pay attention to notices and texts (through Dojo) for the time and date. Parent/Teacher Conferences will happen in early October. I will have a sign-up sheet for conferences available on Back to School night. If your schedule is restricted it is best to sign up then.


Students will earn grades according to the Common Core Standards and expectations. Students will earn traditional letter grades:

A= 90% -100% -Far Above Grade Level (excellent)

B= 80% - 89% -Above Grade Level

C= 70% - 79% -At Grade Level (average)

D= 60% - 69% -Below Grade Level

F= 50% - 0 %  -Far Below Grade Level

Make no mistake students who don’t make the effort will see that reflected in their grades. Often missing homework and reading logs will affect reading and math grades. Failure to memorize math facts will have an effect as well.

Homework is material already covered in class designed to reinforce the concepts. District policy states that students are to read 15 to 20 minutes  at least four nights a week. Reading logs will go home Monday and are to be returned on Friday. Math homework is sent home daily. Here is a small checklist:


✓Math Facts

✓ Daily Math Assignment

✓Reading Log

✓ Other (occasionally there will be Science or Social Studies)

Math homework is due every day. I will check the reading logs daily and they are actually due Friday. I will always accept any late work but I will count it as late. Some assignments will require a deduction of points. There will be a Vocabulary, Spelling, and Grammar test almost every week. Math testing days vary. Other testing like Math, Reading Comprehension, Science, Social Studies can happen any day of the week I usually like to stay away from Mondays; but Fridays are typical testing days. If you know ahead of time your student will be absent please email me or contact me through Dojo (you must always call the office the day of).

Other information:

  • We collect box tops for our school I will send home our new forms
  • We have a no interruption policy in effect from 8:40-10:30. You can drop off items in the office or leave messages.
  • Return all paperwork and emergency cards filled out and signed as soon as possible.
  • Please note: When providing treats for the classroom for your child’s birthday, holiday or year-end party, homemade items are not allowed at Palla due to food allergies.  Also, only bottled water, and juice boxes with 50% juice are allowed in the classroom.  I am asking that you inform me within 24 hours, if you are sending birthday treats to school.
  • Specific party dates will be designated and I will send notices home for volunteers and supplies.
  • Due to the heat, your child may bring a plastic water bottle to class.  No glass or metal bottles will be allowed. Also if the contents are frozen and /or containing liquid other than water.  If you child causes a disruption with the water bottle he/she will not be allowed to bring water to class in the future.

I have discussed this information with the class. I would appreciate your support during the school year in regards to discipline and academics.  Please fill out and sign the attached page.


Mrs. Williams



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PARENT NAME____________________________________DATE_______________________

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