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Mrs. Youngblood » Welcome to 3rd Grade

Welcome to 3rd Grade

Dear Parents,

     Welcome to our class. I look forward to making this an exciting year of learning and growth for your child. I hope to inspire each child to discover his/her own strengths and learning style through different methods of teaching. 

     This year in third grade we will learn our multiplication facts, practice writing well developed paragraphs and stories, and learn to write in cursive! In science we will learn about ecosystems, weather, Matter and Energy, and animal habitats. We will be incorporating STEM activities throughout the year in order to encourage critical thinking and problem solving. And finally in Social Studies we will learn about American Indians.

     Expect homework in Math nightly Monday through Thursday. Students will also be expected to read each night for at least 20 minutes and complete a one paragraph summary. They will also practice multiplication flash cards for 15 minutes.  I will not accept late work or homework unless it is due to illness. I give the students enough time to finish in class or at home. This teaches them to be responsible for all assignments throughout the year. However, I do understand that occasionally life happens. If something unexpected comes up a simple note, phone call, or email from you will excuse your student for one night as long as it doesn’t become a habit.

     I use a clip chart for Behavior that includes both positive rewards and negative consequences. I will also be using Class DoJo so that you can get immediate feedback if you choose to sign up. Students are able to earn PAWS tickets for good behavior and can earn a trip to the treasure box. I also give class points, and the reward is usually a class party of some sort.  Negative behavior will result in RC (detention) or a phone call home depending on the severity.  

          Your support and encouragement are important to me and to your child. I welcome your participation and help in the classroom.

 Please feel free to stop in or call anytime. It’s going to be a great year!!!  


 Mrs. Youngblood

P.S.  PLEASE send a water bottle to school with your child. It can be refilled at the water fountain each day. It is hot out and they need to have water throughout the day. DO NOT FREEZE THEM—WATER ONLY!!!


EMAIL:   (this is the best way to communicate with me.)