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Mrs. Guerrero Rm 21

Dear Parents/Guardians,

            Welcome back to a new and exciting school year! My Name is Mrs. Guerrero and I will be your student’s Kindergarten teacher for the 2018-2019 school year.  I am looking forward to having your child in my classroom. The Common Core State Standards are used as the guide for the curriculum and pacing we will use. Your child’s academic success is important; this requires work on my part, your part, and your child’s part. If we all work together, I am sure your child will experience a successful year!

Behavior Plan:

I believe that all of my students can learn and behave appropriately in my classroom, and I expect them to do so. In order to guarantee all of the students in my classroom the excellent learning environment they deserve, I will ask all students to Follow the Palla PAWS:

Practice Self-Control

Achieve Goals                                   

Will be Respectful

Stay on Task

My behavior system in the classroom rewards good behavior and allows the student to correct disruptive/unsafe behavior.  I am also utilizing the following individualized behavior plan: Your child will have a conduct clip in the classroom that moves them towards rewards OR consequences depending on their behavior. Any students who get stay on ready to shine or above will receive a stamp at the end of the day so that you are aware they had a great day.  Students who fall far below on this chart will be asked to complete a “Think Sheet” this will be sent home and signed before it’s turned in. I will send an invitation to our classroom through a cell phone application called Class Dojo. This also allows for me to award students individually and as a team. It is also a great way for me to communicate with you on important events and classroom community.   

I will make every effort to contact you either by email, note, or a phone call if your child demonstrates behavior that is excellent or inappropriate.


I understand that your child and your entire family are very busy.  I am expecting you to be an active member in your child’s education. Students will be expected to complete a reading log each week that is signed by you along with assigned homework. Please expect your child to complete these tasks regularly. In the case of an upcoming special project or exception to this policy, I will do my best to communicate that to you promptly.


It is very important that students bring with them a backpack to school each day. Students will receive all the supplies they need to learn in class and use at home for homework.  If you would like to purchase special supplies (markers, colored pencils ect.) please feel free, however, if such supplies become a distraction I will ask them to keep those supplies at home.

I want your child to gain as much from his/her experience in my class as I do. I value your input, if you have any questions please call or email me or send a note with your child. I am looking forward to an exciting and productive year!


Mrs. Guerrero

Room 21

(661) 837-6100