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Mrs. Musaad » Welcome to 4th Grade

Welcome to 4th Grade

Letter to Students


Families, please read the following letter with your student. After doing so, please sign the

attached document and return the half sheet with your student.



Hello Fourth Grader!


            My name is Ms. Musaad and I am so excited to be your teacher this year! I hope you had an awesome summer and I can’t wait to hear all about it. We have three rules in our class: we are safe, respectful, and responsible. I expect all students to come to school ready to learn. We are going to learn a lot this year and we will have lots of fun too.

I’ll see you soon!



      Ms. Musaad




Please check one of the following lines and sign at the bottom.


Student’s Name______________________________________________________


Parent/Guardian’s Name___________________________________________


Parent/Guardian’s Signature_______________________________________ Date___________________


_____I have read and understand the letter.


Letter to Parents/Guardians


            Welcome to Fourth Grade! My name is Mnwah Musaad and I will be your child’s teacher. This is my second year teaching fourth grade at Palla Elementary. I am very excited to have your student in my class this year as well as getting to know your family.

Classroom Policies

  • Water – Since we are in a portable classroom the students do not have access to a working water fountain. The school has provided the students water that is delivered into our classroom. I will be providing each student with a reusable water bottle for his or her use in the classroom by the end of next week. My policy is that the students may fill up the bottles at the start of class. If they choose not to do this, they may fill it up at recess on their own time.
  • Homework – Homework is due on Friday. Students will receive their weekly homework on Mondays. They will place this work in their red folders, which is to be brought back to class every day. Students are expected to complete 30 minutes of reading every night and practice their basic math facts. The students will be given a weekly Reading Log, which they are to fill out nightly. You will initial each day once the students have completed their reading. After your student has finished reading book, please take the time to ask them a few questions about the book to help with reading comprehension.
  • Computer – Our classroom has 1:1 Chromebooks. This means each student will have a Chromebook assigned to them. They will not be allowed to use it until I have received the signed parent internet permission slip. Our curriculum program has many components that access the internet as well as offline components such as Word and PowerPoint. I strictly monitor anything done on the computer and students who do not comply with school rules regarding technology will lose access.

Behavior Expectations

            In our classroom, every student must show respect for each other, the teacher, the classroom, and its materials. Students are expected to demonstrate responsibility by taking care of our classroom materials, returning their homework weekly, and completing classroom work timely as required. To keep our classroom environment safe, students are encouraged to clean up after themselves, walk calmly, and refrain from being physical to one another.

            All the Palla PAWS rules apply in our classroom. When rules are broken, a warning will be given depending on the severity and it will be noted in Class Dojo. When several warnings have been given for a particular behavior, students may have to visit the Responsibility Center and will receive a phone call home from me. If it is a continued behavior, then student will receive a referral to the office to speak with Principal.



            Please feel free to contact me at any time. This year, I will be using Class Dojo. This is the best way to reach me during school hours. I am also providing a phone number that can be reached after school hours. If emails are your preferred method of communication, they will be returned within 24 hours. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. I look forward to having your child in my class.



Ms. Musaad


Class Phone: (661) 837-6100 ext. 1845

Afterschool Phone: (661) 748-3234