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Welcome to a new year at Palla!

Dear Parents,

Welcome to a new year at Palla!  This year we are starting school on Thursday, August 17. Thursday and Friday will be minimum day schedule for all students, please see the below dismissal times.

 We will continue using our ID scanner and will be scanning your ID before you enter the campus. This is to ensure safety of all of our students, and to know who is on campus at all times in case of an actual emergency. The system will print a badge with your picture and destination, and you will return the badge when you exit the campus and will be logged out of the system.  

 Just a reminder that the morning walker gate entrance is on Monitor Street by the bike rack. Students are NOT to enter through the office in the morning.  Do NOT park or drop off your students in the front of the school. Parking in the front of the school is reserved for parents that need to conference with teachers. Students who walk home in grades 1st and 2nd will exit through the gate by the primary classrooms on Monitor. Please do not run over the cones, we need them to block the curb by the walker gate for safety.  If you come to pick up your child in a car please pick up your student at the car pick up gate on Monitor.  Students in grades 3rd, 4th  and 5th who walk home will exit through the gate on Monitor. The kindergarteners will be picked up through the kindergarten gate on Monitor by the kindergarten classrooms. Parents must park and walk into the yard to pick up their Kindergarten student.  In the morning Kindergarten and TK will enter the walker gate or car gate with all of the other students. Please make sure that your children are on time to school every day.

 In order to keep our students safe, we will have a closed campus during school hours. In the morning when you drop off your students at the car gate, or walk them to the walker gate, we will ask that you do not enter campus with your children. If you have to talk with your child’s teacher, you will need to scan your ID in through the office and get a pass. For the first four days of school we will allow you to walk your child to his/her classroom. When coming to pick up your student after school, we would ask that you wait off campus for your child to come out of the walker gate or car gate. We will not allow any adults to wait on campus. This is for the safety of all children. If you need to speak to your child’s teacher at the end of the day, you will need to come through the office, scan your ID and get a pass. We will ask you to wait until the bell rings before leaving the office so class is not disrupted. Again, this is for the safety of all students. Please notice the new bell schedule. We have adjusted a few times including dismissal for minimum days.  

School Hours:

Breakfast: 8:05-8:25 (all students)

School starts: 8:35

Kindergarten:      8:35 – 2:25  lunch 11:00           Minimum Day dismissal: 12:50

1st grade:          8:35 - 2:35  lunch 11:20           Minimum Day dismissal: 1:05

2nd grade:          8:35 – 2:35  lunch 11:40           Minimum Day dismissal: 1:05

3rd grade:          8:35 – 2:55  lunch 11:50           Minimum Day dismissal: 1:25

4th and 5th grade: 8:35 - 2:55  lunch 12:40           Minimum Day dismissal: 1:25


The gates to the school will open at 8:05.  There is NO supervision for students before 8:05, please make sure you are not allowing your students to come earlier than 8:05.  If your student walks to school please make sure they have ample time to get here but do not arrive before 8:05.

       This school year our PTC has purchased magnets for you, and these will be mailed home as soon as they arrive. You will notice on your school calendar and in the Palla Handbook that we have a number of minimum days used for teacher collaboration.  Please be sure to pay attention to the calendar and notes that go home, so you are aware of the minimum days.

          We will continue with our behavior system called P.A.W.S. It has been a great success reducing our suspensions and improving student behavior. We will continue with this behavior system and encourage you to work with your students on the PAWS rules. I want to congratulate our staff and students for the great work with the PAWS rules. We have now been recognized by the state of California at a gold medal recipient.

           Student lunches will be $2.00 and breakfast will be free. Parents are responsible for all charges until free lunch is approved by the District Office. Just a reminder the policy has changed for bringing foods to school. Birthdays will be limited to 1 celebration per month per class, and you will need to speak with your child’s teacher if you are interested in bringing something for their birthday. All food items must be prepackaged from the store. Although we love homemade items, we will no longer be able to serve them to students due to the rising number of children with allergies.

We can’t wait to see your students on August 17!! Classes will be posted Friday, August 11. We are looking forward to another successful year at Palla! Just a reminder school starts August 17th, Thursday and Friday are minimum days!

 If you have any questions please call 837-6100   

 Margie Berumen